Getting Cyberjammies comfortable

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Services Provided

  • Systems integrations

Solutions Integrated

  • Brightpearl & Bluepark
  • Brightpearl & WooCommerce
  • Brightpearl & Custom Gateway (
  • Brightpearl & The Edge (John Lewis)

A dream brand

As the name suggests, Cyberjammies, a seriously comfortable nightwear brand, was born into an online space. Selling high-quality PJs to help the nation get the perfect nights’ sleep hit just the spot. The softest, most comfortable fabrics in the most beautiful designs started getting attention and a strong and loyal customer-base followed. With no signs of slowing, Cyberjammies needed to streamline their processes to facilitate growth.


Syncing stock for a good night’s sleep built a custom integration to connect ERP, Brightpearl, with Bluepark, Cyberjammies’ ecommerce software. Stock was synced, orders were synced and jammies were rolling. Sales were being processed so seamlessly, in fact, that sister brand, Fabel and Eve, wanted the same. went to work.

Fabel and Eve were later transitioned onto WooCommerce and as they were, made sure that the systems were integrated as before. The Fabel and Eve team would not need to worry about reverting to any manual processing, now that they had got used to a better way of business.


Getting jammies in the right space

Cyberjammies were as popular as ever and stockists were knocking on the door. integrated Cyberjammies’ ERP with EDIs, Custom Gateway Platform and The Edge. This opened the doors of and John Lewis for product sales. The full order lifecycle; stock, orders, acknowledgement, dispatch, cancellation and returns were seamlessly connected.

“Throughout the project lifecycle, we’ve been in constant contact with Anthony and his team which is reassuring and insightful. The process has been clear, the work thorough and the result hugely profitable.”

Mark Tweed, Brand Director

Helping the nation sleep

We’ve supported Cyberjammies in getting into the right space with bespoke system integrations. Cyberjammies are now flying off the shelves of and John Lewis and helping the nation get the perfect night’s sleep.

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