Brightpearl Integrations

Brightpearl is a digital operations platform that centralises orders, inventory, financials, POS and CRM in one place. This platform is designed to support operational agility for retailers striving to boost sales, exceed consumer expectations, and respond quickly to changing markets. & Brightpearl

As a trusted partner and integration expert in the Brightpearl API, not only do we offer Brightpearl systems integrations, but we also provide enhanced functionality when you need Brightpearl to go the extra mile to accelerate your business growth.

System integrations

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Enhanced functionality

Custom-built functionality that streamlines retail business systems to achieve growth.

Assembly (BOM)

Assemble (or disassemble) finished goods on demand, triggered by sales, re-order point or on a manual basis.

Light Manufacturing

Automatically create manufacturing and component POs in real-time using sales demand and manufacturing lead-times. Received manufactured goods are automatically allocated to the associated sales orders.

Forward Allocation

Push ‘on-order’ PO quantities to your webstore (eg Shopify, Magento) to enable pre-ordering. Automatically allocate stock to pre-orders, upon PO receipt.

Soft Allocation

Push a calculated stock position to your webstore (eg Shopify, Magento), ringfencing inventory for other key channels or B2B customers.

Inventory Segregation

Logically segregate your stock pool to sync the relevant inventory levels with your retail and wholesale channels.

Supplier Stock Sync

See your suppliers’ latest inventory levels in virtual warehouses in your ERP to support drop-ship workflow.

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