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Business evolution

Stephanie Carswell spent her childhood with a pencil in hand doodling on anything and everything. As her artistic skills developed, she started selling and teaching. Her workshops evolved into kits and in May 2013, Hawthorn Handmade was born. Now one of the UK’s best known and female-led craft companies, Hawthorn Handmade partners with key brands such as John Lewis, Waterstones and

In June 2022 the team made the decision to launch Brightpearl as a linchpin of their tech stack to drive efficiency in their operations freeing up time to follow up on new opportunities. As an expert in Brightpearl, was engaged to integrate Brightpearl with other crucial platforms underpinning the Hawthorn Handmade business.


Account growth

One of our most popular Brightpearl integrations, with QuickBooks Online, was first up in the redesigned tech set-up. The team knew QuickBooks well, and together with they were able to take it to the next level automating everything from supplier invoices to payments, sales revenue from all channels, across the world; inventory and cost of goods, all in real time, cutting out manual processing from the day-to-day operations.


Marketplace integrations

Both Etsy and Faire marketplaces have played a significant role in the growth of Hawthorn Handmade. Crafting kits had been flying off Etsy’s shelves for nearly 10 years to a well-targeted and vast customer base. In just over a year, Faire wholesale sales had surpassed direct sales from No surprise, since merchants can currently sell to up to 500,000 retailers across Europe, North America and Australia on Faire.

How could we possibly improve this?

By connecting Brightpearl via our bespoke integrations to Faire and Etsy, Hawthorn Handmade were able to seamlessly position their goods in front of the Etsy and Faire audiences, with product, inventory and order synchronising in real time.

“Our new systems integrations have changed our day-to-day operations significantly. And what’s more, it was a real pleasure to work with the team at They’ve taken the time to explain exactly what was needed, why and how it would all join up.”

Becky Liddiard, Operations Manager

Building relationships

Hawthorn Handmade customers are cherished. And by taking sales data, the team could provide personalised, multi-channel communications to grow these customer relationships. They could upsell and cross-sell with highly relevant product messages. So, we set-up a final integration between Brightpearl and Klaviyo to allow them to do just that. Customer order history data is pushed directly into Klaviyo from Brightpearl. The integration and resulting data segmentation enables personalised, multi-channel marketing campaigns based on available ecommerce sales data.


What better result than more and more needle felt and cross stitch being hand-crafted into beautiful creatures across USA, Canada, United Kingdom & Australia.

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