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Jan 2024

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Joyful nostalgia

Crafted to be as emotionally intelligent as they are effective, Joonbyrd‘s lifestyle products prioritise the nurturing aspect of self-care rituals. These rituals serve as moments for reflection, restoration, and empowerment. By indulging in the simple pleasures of vibrant colours, captivating fragrances, and luxurious textures, these products have the power to transform, fostering a deep connection to the present moment and evoking nostalgic memories of the past.


Innovation led

Shopify serves as Joonbyrd’s central hub for sales operations, while the subsequent order processing for the UK is handled by reputable, family-owned Walker Logistics. This UK and European Third Party Logistics provider (3PL), based in Berkshire, offers a range of bespoke logistics services, perfect for Joonbyrd’s beauty products.


Charlie Walker, Head of Sales, Walker Logistics, said “When it comes to luxury goods, effective inventory management isn’t just a strategy; it’s crucial to brand preservation. By meticulously controlling product availability, brands can safeguard exclusivity and prestige, while simultaneously strengthening customer trust and supply chain efficiency – just what Joonbyrd have done here.”


Our focus was on optimising the entirety of the order fulfilment process, from online purchase to delivery, with the aim of boosting efficiency and elevating customer happiness. Today, shoppers exploring Joonbyrd’s online emporium can luxuriate in a seamless shopping experience, complete with real-time inventory updates, precise order processing, and automated shipping alerts.

Through the seamless integration of Walker Logistics into our backend operations, Joonbyrd commits to ensuring prompt delivery of its Affective Wellness™ product range, ensuring customer satisfaction with every transaction.

“We’re very pleased with how the integration went, the team at were helpful at each step of the process and always available to support when inevitable issues along the way arose. As a new business, having automated processes in place is critical and frees up the team to focus on other revenue driving activities.”

Jess Juliano, General Manager

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