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Endless stock

Operating four ecommerce websites based in the Home & Garden Retail Sector, Leader Online Limited have stock, and lots of it. And with each of the five sites specialising in their own quality range of products for the home, office & commercial properties, the team had a total of 25 supplier feeds coming through every day. 25 supplier feeds that needed to be manually uploaded were a drain on internal resources and put pressure on Leader’s Retail Operating System, Brightpearl.


The perfect solution lay in b.solutions’s custom built ‘Supplier Stock Integration’. Not only did this take the strain of the manual upload off the shoulders of the Leader team, but with real time information available for sales channels, they could operate with accurate, up-to-date stock levels. 


Going virtual

b.solutions’s custom built Supplier Stock Integration updates supplier inventory into virtual warehouses, which in turn, keep their ecommerce sites up-to-date so customers are never disappointed.


“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the team here. Nemanja was very helpful throughout the project and worked hard to ensure a smooth transition.”

Vikki Bishop, Digital Growth Director

Future stock

“The real damage for a brand is selling out, causing goods to be listed as ‘out-of-stock’.” explains Anthony Herve. “As well as a bad customer experience, it can cause a retailer to lose favour on reseller sites.” To mitigate this and protect against overselling, a minimum stock feature was implemented into the integration. This meant that when available supplier inventory sank below a defined threshold, the stock wouldn’t be updated in the virtual warehouse, safe-guarding each of the 5 brands’ reputations for excellent customer service.