A full nose to tail systems architecture solution

A Case Study


Mungo & Maud

Working together since

April 2016

Services Provided

  • Systems Integrations
  • Custom Builds

Solutions Integrated

  • Magento & Intermail
  • Magento & FFC
  • Magento & Dear
  • Dear & Torque
  • Dear & FFC
  • Dear & Harrods
  • Dear & Vend

The hand-crafted Approach

Mungo & Maud, dog & cat outfitters, opened its first store in the heart of London’s Belgravia with the aim of creating stylish, design-led accessories for the contemporary way of life. Hand-stitched leather collars, minimalist cotton beds and amusing accessories are available worldwide from UK and US webstores.

b.solutions have a long history with Mungo & Maud dating back to puppy-play days when building and integrating their Magento site with various 3rd party systems. As the beds, bowls and blankets flew off the shelves, so came the need for a changing systems infrastructure. b.solutions obliged with expert consultation, white glove support and a solutions-orientated approach.

The UK Magento site was first integrated with 3PL Intermail, which enabled the automation of logistics and all the associated backend processes. A similar ‘ecommerce to 3PL’ integration was put in place in the States with the US Magento site and Future Forwarding. Dogs and cats across the globe were looking more stylish than ever.


Dogs, cats and Dear

Soon after, ERP system Dear was introduced to Magento, using a special, custom-built integration to allow multi-location inventory synchronization.

To replenish stock on the shelves of Belgravia without the need for manual, time-consuming spreadsheets, a custom ‘replenishment’ app was built. This allowed the Mungo & Maud team to calculate, review and approve stock transfers between the warehouses and stores at the push of a button.

With such indulgent products to sell, there was one place in London that had to stock Mungo & Maud products, Harrods. The World’s leading luxury department store was integrated with Dear, which enabled product, inventory and sales data to flow seamlessly between Dear and Harrods’s system SAP, whilst Mungo & Maud reaped the benefits of a new audience base and exposure for their products.

Back in Belgravia, cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management software, Vend, was integrated with Dear. Offline and online sales were now neatly synchronised.


“We’ve worked with Anthony and his team for so long now. I value his opinion on all matters related to our system architecture and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend b.solutions.”

Michael Sacher, CEO

Every dog has its day

As the business continued to grow and thrive, so did the system landscape. Magento was swapped out for Shopify and Intermail for Torque. b.solutions has been there every step of the way to guide and steer Mungo & Maud to the best possible technical solution for each and every challenge they faced.

Every dog has its day, but with such a strong system set-up and support with both front and back-end development, Mungo & Maud will have their day, every day.

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