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The impact of Brexit

German multinational corporation, PUMA, is the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Prior to Brexit, all operations were centralised with the manufacture of athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories headquartered in Bavaria, Germany. Following the UK’s departure from the EU, PUMA needed to segment operations.


Ensuring a smooth transition

The first integration that underpinned all others, was to connect PUMA’s central Product Information Management system (PIM) to PUMA UK’s order management platform, Brightpearl. New and updated product information was now instantly available to the team.

PUMA’s ecommerce solution Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Brightpearl were integrated next. This allowed stock synchronisation and online orders to be downloaded into Brightpearl and then dispatched, before sending updated information back to Salesforce. Sales information was syncing real-time, to overcome the challenge of physically separated operations.


High performance for the UK

Next on the list was the integration of Brightpearl with an advanced Third Party Logistics partner; DSV. This ensured that order management, multichannel fulfilment and reverse logistics were delivered efficiently. Customers in the UK would notice no difference in their order experience whilst in the background, Brightpearl was being integrated with PUMA’s central ERP system. The online sales data was now being fed back to head office to ensure inventory demand was being effectively managed for all online orders without any manual processing.


Time to push forward

With operations in place and systems supporting the post Brexit landscape, PUMA UK turned their attention to customer communications. Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform, Emarsys, was integrated with Brightpearl to facilitate transactional emails for all online orders. With order history data now flowing through to Emarsys, PUMA had the ability to build data-backed marketing campaigns to sell, upsell and cross-sell.

“ have provided the much needed expertise that has facilitated our smooth transition out of the main central business systems. We have had a challenging programme and an aggressive timeline, but they have been by our side from planning to completion, we’re super impressed.”

Colette Hilton, Head of Retail & E-Com, Puma UK

Instinctive expansion

PUMA are dedicated to strengthening their relationships with key retailers. Decathlon, Amazon, eBay, ASOS and Secret Sales are just some of those key retailers in the UK. All five were accessible via market-leading service & technology provider, We Are Pentagon. So again, we integrated with Brightpearl to synchronise stock, orders and to automate despatch confirmation back to each marketplace.


Customised kit

PUMA offers customers the ability to personalise football jerseys online. They simply choose their favourite team shirt, add their desired name and number, and PUMA does the rest. But how?  

It all happens via the latest custom-built app that we designed for PUMA. When a customer places their order, behind the scenes our app sends the specific details of each unique order to the embellishers. Personalised clothing is created, packed and despatched out to fans all over the UK. Back of the net stuff for PUMA.

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