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Changing the temperature

Leading retailer of mini split air conditioners and efficient heating and cooling products, has been helping to reduce energy consumption in homes and businesses since 2005.

Distributing high volumes of orders was a time-consuming task for the logistics team. Manually completing extensive forms for each order and then inputting tracking details back into their Retail Operating System, Brightpearl, made for a long, labour-intensive process.


Cool distribution

Warehouses across the country stored products with Senville’s various 3PL partners supporting the storage, picking, packing and distribution of their green and eco-friendly products across the world. Orders were then handed over to logistics companies including FedEx, to deliver safely to customers. We reviewed these processes in detail and set about building integrations between Brightpearl and each partner to fully automate the entire end-to-end shipping process.

Bills of Lading, previously a manual task to complete, were automatically populated for each and every order placed. Tracking details were automatically retrieved and pushed back to Brightpearl with ease. Where required, package labels were generated ready for products to be despatched and with significantly reduced manual effort, high volumes of heating and cooling products are making their way to customers across US, Canada and the rest of the world.


Streamlining the marketplace

Multinational electronics retailer, Best Buy, was a successful sales channel for Senville. With over 2 million memberships, Senville products were being put in front of consumers ready to buy. But again, the process was manual, with products and orders having to be managed across the different platforms. We integrated Brightpearl with Best Buy to synchronise product catalogues, inventory, manage orders and coordinate shipments. Selling through Best Buy became effortless.

“It’s hard to believe now that we were working with so many manual processes. The integrations were put in place and we haven’t looked back. Amit has provided us with excellent customer service throughout, and we are all very, very pleased with the results.”

Jim Tahmassbi, North America Sales Manager

Turning up the dial

The final step in our journey was to connect Senville to the world’s largest omnichannel retailer. Using Walmart Marketplace, merchants like Senville can get their goods in front of 100 million unique visitors each month. By integrating product catalogues, stock, orders and shipments, just as we did with Best Buy, we opened up the Senville products to a whole new audience, easily.

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