Brightpearl Bill of Materials (BOM) App

Assemble and disassemble finished products in a simple and efficient manner.


Our Brightpearl Bill of Materials (BOM) App enables merchants to assemble and disassemble finished products in a simple and efficient manner. Assemblies can be created manually or be triggered by both sales order creation and reorder point processes. For merchants dealing with large volumes of assemblies, CSV import functionality is available. 

This app provides:

Brightpearl Bill of Materials (BOM) App Process Reels

To find out more about the in-app process for manual, auto or reorder assembly, disassembly or how to bulk upload assemblies via CSV, simply watch our short reels below. 

Manual Assembly

This reel will run you through the process to manually assemble components into a finished product in a simple and efficient manner using the Brightpearl Bill Of Materials App. 

Sales Order Auto-Assembly

Auto-assembly of a finished product can be set-up within the app to ensure that upon a sales order being created, if there is no finished product stock available in any given warehouse, but component products are, an auto-assembly will be triggered for the sales order to be fulfilled. Find out how in this reel. 

Reorder Auto-Assembly

The Brightpearl BOM App will also auto-assemble a finished product upon stock levels of that product falling below the minimum threshold. The app will check for component product stock, and if available, an assembly will be triggered and flagged to a nominated team member. The auto-assembly can then be approved at the click of a button. 


This reel will run you through the process to disassemble a finished product into its component parts. Find out how to control the exact bin location from which the finished product will be disassembled, the destination warehouse for the inventory of components and the price at which those components are added back into stock. 

CSV Imports

This reel is for merchants who have a large number of assemblies. You’ll see how to import via CSV for a quick and easy bulk upload.

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