Shopify Forward Allocation App

Never be 'out of stock' by selling products you've got on order


Imagine being able to show future stock on your webstore. Imagine your customers having the ability to pre-order in periods of high demand and those pre-orders being automatically allocated when your stock arrives, meaning timely-deliveries and happy customers.

Our bespoke Brightpearl forward allocation app for Shopify does just that. It pushes ‘on-order’ PO quantities to your webstore to enable pre-ordering and automatically allocates stock to pre-orders, upon PO receipt. You’ll never be ‘out of stock’ and you’ll always be regarded as a reliable merchant.

Integration provides:

Scope Review


Products are linked between the two systems

Stock Update

On hand stock + open PO quantity (plus, meta field update)

Sales Orders

Automatic linking of SOs and POs for pre-ordered items

Stock Allocation

Upon PO receipt, linked SOs are automatically stock allocated

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