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Automating the accounting

One of the leading barcode-based products and solutions providers in the United States, Advanced Automation has been selling a wide-range of barcoding equipment, supplies and software for over 30 years. In 2019, the team started using Retail Operating System, Brightpearl, and set to work on integrating Brightpearl into the Advanced Automation tech stack.

The first task was to get their accounting system hooked up. Integrating their QuickBooks Desktop account with Brightpearl, Advanced Automation could keep their revenue, inventory, payments and commitments in check.


Extending distribution

Then, TrueCommerce, an EDI platform that helps businesses be more connected, was brought into the frame to grow their offer. And that’s just what it did for Advanced Automation. By integrating TrueCommerce and Brightpearl, the team were able to automate multiple supplier relationships via drop-shipping, meaning that Advanced Automation could offer their customers an even wider range of products. They were also able to automate many processes with those suppliers such as order placement, acknowledgement and invoicing.


Data-led communications

It was time to spread the word and Salesforce had just the tool with Pardot, a B2B marketing automation tool. Order information and customer accounts data from Brightpearl were fed into Pardot via a custom-integration built by This facilitated a data-led communication strategy for Advanced Automation, including both transactional and marketing emails.


Repeating business

So pleased were the team with the integrations they now had in place, Midwest Mailing Supplies, a sister company to Advanced Automation, got involved with their printing and shipping consumables. Having seen the impact, and with a similar set-up, they also wanted their Brightpearl account to be integrated with QuickBooks too. It didn’t take long before this sister business was also able to reap the benefits of a fully automated accounting process.

“It’s testament to the work they do that we keep coming back to the team, year after year. I trust Anthony and his team to provide us with the right solution at the right time as our business grows.”

Kevin Tiffany, Partner

Additional automations

Finally, Advanced Automation’s desire for automation brought us back in to seamlessly sync their sales pipeline with Salesforce. The integration enables the synchronisation of accounts, contacts, products and orders, all the way through to final invoice stage. 


Sales funnel data has never flowed so smoothly. 

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