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Sleep tight

With an average of 8 hours daily, we end up sleeping for around 229,961 hours during our lives, that’s roughly one-third of our overall life span. Ensuring a proper night’s rest is essential for human well-being and we don’t want to be bunking up with bed bugs, dust mites or allergies. Easily manageable in our own homes, but what about hotels, hospitals and care homes?

Family-owned and operated, Bargoose Home Textiles, Inc has grown into one of the largest suppliers of waterproof, dust allergen- and bug-proof bed protection. Effective and cost-efficient, they are a leading manufacturer to the hospitality, healthcare, allergy and pest control markets and are at the cutting edge of innovation, driving new solutions for their customers.

They don’t let the bed bugs bite.


Bedding down

With bed bug infestation costing up to $600 per room, mattress protection is a clear investment for hotels, motels and home-shares.

Every day, every minute, millions of products from the world’s leading retailers are being listed, found, sold and delivered through CommerceHub. With more than 15,000 top retailers, brands and suppliers, including The Home Depot, Lowe’s and BBB, merchants can accelerate their business growth by selling on more channels, effortlessly. Merchants just like Bargoose Home Textiles.

With this integration in place, a single connection allowed products, pricing, inventory and orders to flow seamlessly onto reseller sites, increasing access to Bargoose’s products and trade sales, but not manual workload.


Accounting comfort

With sales rolling in, the team at Bargoose was looking for a solution to reduce manual accounting tasks, manage finances in real-time, track liabilities, pay and get paid, and be free to focus on growing the numbers within their multi-entity business. In order to achieve this goal, Bargoose integrated their Brightpearl system with Quickbooks Online. With the use of its smart, simple accounting features such as invoicing, payment and taxes, Intuit’s accounting software was implemented to help Bargoose and its e-commerce component, Allergystore.com, to thrive. 

“The integrations put in place for us by the b.solutions team have helped to strengthen our operations for the better. By taking the weight of manual tasks off our shoulders, we are able to operate our business more efficiently and effectively.”

Rachel Lorig, VP Sales & Administration

Targeted sales

While Bargoose specialises in selling to distributors and the hospitality and healthcare sectors, they also sell direct to sleepers around the world.

One of Bargoose’s avenues for sale is Wayfair, which offers one of the world’s largest online selections of furniture, home furnishings, décor and goods. Driven by customer loyalty and building market share, Wayfair is doing an effective job at garnering significant growth for its vendors.

By integrating with Wayfair’s PartnerHome, Bargoose and their protective bedding products are now seamlessly positioned in front of Wayfair’s vast and targeted customer base for more and more healthy, happy slumbers.

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