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Established in 2007, Forever Beaumore Cosmetics is an immigrant and woman-owned family enterprise that has pioneered a distinct niche in the Asian-American skincare market. The brand blends traditional beauty ingredients with modern scientific practices to promote skin healing, rejuvenation, and care. Their unwavering commitment to the pursuit of beauty is embodied in the brand name, “Beaumore,” meaning ‘more beautiful’.

Today, Beaumore is not just a brand; it is a transcontinental business spanning borders, languages, and importantly in the U.S., sales tax nexuses. With a dedicated sales team stationed both in the U.S. and Vietnam, Beaumore ensures global access to their healing and rejuvenating skincare products through online and phone orders.

In 2019, Forever Beaumore Cosmetics significantly enhanced its operations by incorporating Brightpearl as its Retail Operating System. They also integrated the award-winning TaxJar into their tech stack, creating a seamless connection with Shopify for efficient tax reporting and filing for online sales. However, there still remains a challenge for their sales team to efficiently calculate and report sales tax for manual Brightpearl orders, a process that currently consumes valuable time.

As part of their continuous efforts to blend traditional practices with modern systems, they worked with Brightpearl towards automating this process to improve operational efficiency. This move allowed the team to focus more on delivering high-quality skincare products and superior customer service, exemplifying Beaumore’s dedication to creating a ‘more beautiful’ experience for their clientele.


Automating Sales Tax

And so in we stepped with our Brightpearl | TaxJar integration to ensure that all sales tax calculation and filing could be automated for their sales teams, with no extra input required from the non-English speaking sales team, to keep things as simple and seamless for them as possible.

“With this integration in place, Jenn will never have to manually work the tax again. That’s a blessing and a staple requirement for our future growth. We are delighted with the time saving the team have provided us”

Alexis Starling, Chief Operating Officer

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