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Benchmarking performance

Canadians have been crushing their fitness goals since 2010 with Bells of Steel, suppliers of intelligently designed fitness equipment. With same-day shipping, money-back guarantees, weekly education videos, and thumbs up from the pros, it’s no wonder the 5-star reviews keep on coming.

Making muscle across Canada and the US requires a strong tech stack. Bells of Steel invited Brightpearl in, as their Retail Operating System, at the end of 2021. As an expert in the Brightpearl API, b.solutions stepped up to the plate to get Bells of Steel operating at their best.


Counting reps

With multiple retail operations, the first step was to integrate Brightpearl with Xero. Revenue, inventory, payments and commitments could be kept in check with fully automated accounting processes. Through use of this multi-entity Xero integration, they doubled the time saved by streamlining both their Canadian and US legal entities in one hit. With time-saving accounting tools, a seamless flow of accounting data and free support, security monitoring and daily encrypted online backups, the Bells of Steel accounting process was firing on all cylinders.


Muscle up

A personal favourite of b.solutions Founder, Anthony Herve, is Bells of Steel’s newest integration between Brightpearl and ClickUp. An all-in-one suite to manage people, projects, and tasks, ClickUp is full of promise for business owners.

A stroke of genius, Bells of Steel have set up their product shipments in ClickUp. Containers are tracked from their point of origin to their destination warehouse. At each point in the journey, the status of each shipment is updated. The relevant POs in Brightpearl are synced with ClickUp so that each shipment status and due date is updated in real-time. Server-less and with embedded security, this architecture is some of the most advanced available.


Peak performance

To reach their next performance milestone, Bells of Steel shifted their focus towards their customers and brought cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Freshsales, into their tech stack. By combining it with Brightpearl, they were able to effortlessly manage interactions with both existing and potential customers. Personalising engagement shortened the sales cycle and is working to lift sales to a new record.  

“b.solutions was recommended to us by Brightpearl to help get our system architecture optimised and now our foundations are really strong. As a business, we’ve seen some excellent improvements in such a short time, and we’re really excited by what the future has in store.”

Bryan Chu, CFO/COO

Pushing PBs

“One of the most exciting parts of this project was seeing our developers exploit new advances in server-less architecture, improving speed of delivery with their focus on developing code, not sizing and configuring servers.” says Rachel Hotton, Finance and Operations Director at b.solutions. “The work that we have delivered for Bells of Steel is the start of something that will deliver leaner results for a long time to come.”

In an ever-developing landscape, the ability for us to innovate fast with server-less architecture will keep our clients, like Bells of Steel, running at peak performance.

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