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Strong roots

With a mission to improve the health of the planet and its people through natural plant cultivation and botanical science, Greenway Herbal LLC has hit the ground running in a booming US industry. Not only are their products rooted in science, but their systems set-up was carefully considered to ensure both Greenway Herbal LLC and retail brand, Tanasi, were in the best possible position to grow and thrive when the businesses were launched.

Planted securely from the very beginning by enlisting Brightpearl as their ERP, Greenway Herbal connected all the dots, with support, before opening their doors to customers in the US.


Healthy accounting

First, made sure that everyday accounting tasks would be simplified, automated and efficient via an integration with Xero. Revenue, inventory, payments and commitments could be kept in check from the outset. Greenway Herbal and Tanasi were free to focus on growing their business.

Then, WooCommerce was selected to become the beating heart of both and A multisite WooCommerce / Brightpearl connection was forged. This guaranteed all sales transactions and inventory would flow seamlessly between the ecommerce sites and the ERP.

“The systems integrations that have built for us gave us everything we needed to maximize the potential of our move to Brightpearl. Our businesses operate smoothly so we can dedicate our time to pioneering new approaches to natural plant health supplements and spreading the word about our Tanasi line of products.”

David Dahle, COO of Greenway Herbal

Growing and flourishing

This is just the beginning for this healthy young business. We’re expecting to see their system landscape transform as the needs of Greenway Herbal and Tanasi evolve with their anticipated growth. Forward thinking, pioneering and patent pending, the scene is set.

And we’re ready to help accelerate their business growth even further.


Please note that links to Greenway Herbal and Tanasi are only available to access from the US. If you are keen to discuss any of the integrations here in more depth, please contact us.

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