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Nisolo is a truly visionary fashion brand. Loosely meaning “not alone” in Spanish, Nisolo envisage the entire fashion industry reversing its negative impact on climate change and for the industry itself to become one of the most effective tools to help eradicate poverty within our lifetime. 


Building a sustainable framework

To help the brand operate more efficiently, we integrated their ERP Brightpearl, and accounting system Xero. Nisolo could keep revenue, inventory, payments and commitments in check so that they were free to focus on sharing their vision and transforming the fashion industry.


Expanding the ecosystem

Now that they had a fully automated accounting process, we could start to look at increasing sales volumes without increasing the Nisolo team’s workload. To do this, we integrated Brightpearl with the EDI platform Spring Systems. This deep API integration connected Nisolo to a world of possibilities with some of the biggest trading partners in the US.

Nordstrom and Zappos were the first trading partners to benefit from the integration. And with the benefit of being able to process orders so efficiently, Anthropology and Bloomingdales were added to Nisolo’s trading partner list via Spring Systems. Happy customers, happy Nisolo, happy planet.

“Nisolo means ‘not alone.’ It’s a tribute to the importance of relationships and our interconnectedness with one another and the planet. We’ve managed to bring the concept of connectivity to life in our operational foundations too, with the strong support of the team.”

Omari Whyte, Director of Operations

Looking good

Providing tools such as personalised selling, interactive virtual showrooms and order management, NuORDER helps wholesale businesses like Nisolo to streamline operations and build stronger retail relationships. Nisolo integrated NuORDER with Brightpearl and had never looked better.

For retailers wishing to scale and flourish, it’s crucial to have an infrastructure that will support and optimise the business processes every step of the way. Nisolo have built an excellent foundation. After all, changing the direction of an entire industry is no mean feat.  

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