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NRBY Clothing

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November 2021

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One mile wear

In response to the desire for comfortable, comforting, colourful clothing – to be worn every day, everywhere – NRBY Clothing was created.

‘Clothing for when life feels uncertain, when comfort and movement are important, when we don’t buy for “seasons” anymore, and when we want the best fabrics next to our skin.’

With Brightpearl at the beating heart of this sustainable style business, we began to look at how we could integrate NRBY’s systems seamlessly to accelerate their business growth.


Easy, everyday accounting

NRBY make clothes for people to look good and feel good at home and nearby. For easy, everyday style. Inspired by ease and simplicity, we automated NRBY’s everyday accounting tasks by integrating Brightpearl with NRBY’s accounting software, Xero. The team could see their invoices, inventory and P&L sync without having to touch a button. Xero’s features are designed to make life easier for small businesses – anywhere, any time and our integration took this one step further. The NRBY team knew that their accounting was kept in check which gave them back time. Time they could now use to grow their numbers even further.


NRBY fulfilment

Another essential area for a retail business like NRBY, one seeking simplicity and ease, is automated sale order integration with their 3PL. Our Brightpearl | Mintsoft integration with end-to-end inventory, order and shipping automation allowed NRBY operations to be streamlined to increase business productivity. No matter the customer location, NRBY could be there.

“With what seems like a few very simple changes, our day to day business operations have been transformed. The way the team at have led us through the journey of automation has been incredibly helpful.”

Anastasia Connolly, Merchandiser

The comfort in concessions

For a clothing retailer, concessions put the brand in the right place, at the right time. With a household name and website traffic in the millions every month, selling in John Lewis was a savvy and stylish route to market. And with our Brightpearl Concessions Import App, NRBY were able to automate the import of the weekly trading sales through from John Lewis, Next and Elys with ease.

Monday mornings were revolutionised – no manual entries anymore!

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