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Precious time

Piglet in Bed believe that life is for living. They believe that our precious time should not be spent ironing creases, plucking, plumping or fluffing our bedding. Made to be thrown over before you snuggle under, these bedroom basics are low maintenance and made from 100% natural materials. Piglet in Bed also know that their precious time should not be spent on manual business operations tasks. Making their business operations as low maintenance as their linen would save the team time on accounting and logistics, whilst opening-up a crisp new, automated sales channel. began work on three Brightpearl integrations.


Comforting accounts

Piglet in Bed were able to simplify everyday accounting tasks with Xero. Better still, by setting up our Xero integration with Brightpearl, the team can keep their revenue, inventory, payments and commitments in check so that their time is their own again. Whether they choose to focus on Cloud Cream cotton sheets or Lake Blue linens, we don’t mind, as long as their exciting journey of growth continues.  


Putting logistics to bed

Torque, award winning, end-to-end supply chain specialists, deliver Piglet in Bed’s beautiful bedding to happy homemakers. And we made this process effortless with an integration between Torque and Brightpearl.

To include a personal, inimitable touch to pyjamas, Piglet in Bed customers can choose three characters in one of four signature colours, to personalise any pyjama shirt. The Brightpearl | Torque integration included this bespoke detail in the data synchronised with Torque so every little detail was captured. Fully automated logistics meant a seamless process from sale to delivery with bedding bundles, personalised pyjamas and homey throws landing on beds across the country. 

“We’re really pleased with the way our system set-up has evolved over the last couple of years with guidance and expertise. Not only do we have less manual tasks to perform, but sales have grown. We would highly recommend this team.”

Toby Fifield, Head of Operations

Piglet and The Edge

Expanding sales channels can be a complicated business. But if your product inventory can sync from one single source to one of the UK’s most well-known high-end department stores, there is nothing stopping you. So that’s exactly what we put in place for Piglet in Bed with our Brightpearl | The Edge (John Lewis) integration. With a substantial and affluent customer base, John Lewis was the perfect fit for Piglet in Bed’s high-quality homewares. Knowing that they were now reaching more customers than ever before, the team got a great nights’ sleep.  

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