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Apr 2023

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Stubble & Co design products that blend performance and functionality enabling you to Do.More. From their opening order in 2017 to selling across the world, the business is growing fast. Their ‘That’ll do will never do’ mindset traverses product, service and, as we discovered, their tech stack set-up.

In 2023, we talked at length with the team about sales, inventory, accounting, WMS and 3PLs to get a deep understanding of how the business tech functioned and their aspirations for growth. Then, we got to work optimising their tech stack with systems integrations that would change day-to-day operations for this busy, 12-person team.


Built to last

With over 5 thousand orders per month, Xero was handling the accounting for Stubble and Co well but the set-up required manual work to avoid duplication in contact details. We implemented a seamless data flow between Xero and Stubble’s operating system, Brightpearl, to keep contacts, revenue, inventory and payments, perfectly synchronised. Consolidated invoices keep things neat and efficient.


Functionality x performance

Shipping 50 SKUs to 92 countries out of one UK warehouse demands excellent organisation. To not only streamline, but to lay the foundations for further growth, we added our Brightpearl | Mintsoft integration into Stubble’s tech stack. With end-to-end inventory, order and shipping automation as well as native courier, online shopping platform and 3PL integrations, all operations are now automated to leave Stubble to focus on increasing business productivity. 

“Working with b.solutions has increased our efficiency, lowered our costs and given us back valuable time.”

Ben Watkiss, Co-Founder & CEO

Return to US

Returns, particularly for small businesses with limited staff like Stubble & Co, consume considerable time and incur a significant cost, estimated at 66% of the product’s original price [Source: DHL] and yet, customers demand an easy returns policy.

With a substantial and growing US business already making up over 15% of sales, this was a clear area to optimise to save on returns costs.    

We implemented a smooth integration between Extensiv and Brightpearl so that Stubble customers in the US could return their items to a US warehouse – saving Stubble shipping returned items back across the Atlantic.

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