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Optical systems

Over 40 years, Hawke has become a world leader producing the finest precision optics available anywhere in the world. For sports, nature and marine applications, precision designs result in products with outstanding performance. With their relentless dedication to quality and innovation, it was no wonder their journey brought Hawke to


A full sales view

Selling via the UK’s leading ecommerce solution, Bluepark, to both B2B and B2C audiences, the first step was to integrate these two separate channels into Hawke’s new Retail Operating System, Brightpearl. After the initial planning and scoping of exact requirements, both the B2B and B2C sales journeys were connected seamlessly.


Data scopes

Automating the accounting came next with one of our most popular integrations.  We integrated Brightpearl to Xero for the team at Hawke which allowed them to keep their revenue, inventory, payments and commitments flowing seamlessly, so that they were freed from manual accounting tasks.

And with the data flowing, business intelligence put it to good use. The visualization software available in Qlik simplifies data analysis and helps businesses to make informed decisions. By connecting Qlik to Brightpearl, Hawke had a thorough and precise view of business progression.  


Looking across the Atlantic

Hawke is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with a presence in over 60 countries, and had expanded to the United States in 2007. Whilst these integrations were being put in place for the UK business, the US was waiting patiently in the wings. Having witnessed the success, the same integrations were put in place in for the US business.

In addition, Hawke were able to fast-track their growth in the US market by accessing retail trading partners around the globe via our Brightpearl | SPS Commerce integration. With just a single source of product information, Hawke’s optics were sold via multiple expert retailers. Volume of trade could increase without any additional workload.

“Detail is very important to us and we would only work with a partner who had the same comprehensive quality standard as Hawke. are one such business and we will continue to work with them, knowing that our system architecture is in expert hands. “

Ashley Walker, Owner

Controlled logistics

With such growth, a scalable logistics solution was needed. For both UK and US business areas, Peoplevox was integrated with Brightpearl. Hawke’s logistics execution became fully automated and with Peoplevox’s scalable warehouse management system, managing growth in line with excellent customer experience was not only possible, but made easy.

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