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Smart and resourceful makers

Born from a journey of solo travel and self-discovery, Pineapple Island exist to introduce the fashion industry to ethical jewellery and bohemian accessories that won’t cost the Earth. Connecting Bournemouth directly to Bali, Pineapple Island aims to break the cycle of extreme poverty by cutting out the big factories and putting money straight into the hands of smart & resourceful makers. 

Working this way demands efficiency. Prices must remain competitive, whilst still being able to directly contribute towards positive social change. There were ways that their retail operating systems could be enhanced to empower growth. And that’s when b.solutions came on board.


Automated accounting admin

It was crystal clear that automation would be the way for Pineapple Island to free up their time on accounting admin and focus on growing the business. By integrating Brightpearl with Xero, everyday accounting tasks could be simplified and Pineapple Island were able to see revenue and expenses automatically, while  easily reconciling associated payments thanks to their Xero bank feed. The team relaxed, knowing that their accounting was all taken care of.


And all the shoppers under the sun.

Where better for Pineapple Island to access a wide and unique audience of shoppers than Etsy? One of the biggest global ecommerce markets, people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items on Etsy.

To seamlessly position their goods in front of Etsy’s vast and targeted customer base, Brightpearl was integrated with Etsy, and the sales started rolling in with Pineapple Island’s picking, packing and shipment fully automated.

“Sustainability is at the very heart of Pineapple Island and we can only achieve this with the right processes and set-up to avoid waste. Joining up all our retail systems has been a game-changer for us and we’re really grateful for the support from b.solutions and, in particular, Chirag.”

Nathan Jones, Managing Director

Why stop there?

There’s one ecommerce platform that is on a mission is to connect small vendors and retailers around the world so they can do business as easily as large suppliers; Faire. With Faire, Pineapple Island could sell to up to 500,000 retailers (and counting) across Europe, North America and Australia, reaching new markets to grow their wholesale relationships. Connecting Brightpearl via our bespoke integration allowed the team fast, convenient access. [More on why we are excited about Faire.]

“Faire puts us in front of retailers across the world that may have never discovered us through the more traditional B2B routes of trade shows or paid advertising.” Says Alice Parmenter, Creative Director of Pineapple Island. “The integration has saved about 2 hours in admin time a day so far, as before we were having to input all our stock quantities and invoices manually.”

Similarly, Not on the High Street strive to offer a wider range of products from a diverse base of small businesses. With 100 million annual views to their site and app a team of experts promoting sellers’ products and access to the latest business insights, it’s another natural sales channel for Pineapple Island. And with our integration making product management, orders, delivery and returns so simple, they can sit back, relax and soak up the sales.

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