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Taking stock

USCutter offers an industry-leading selection of vinyl cutters to businesses and hobbyists across the US. To complement its equipment, an extensive array of vinyl, software, application tools, custom apparel, vehicle graphics, and many other products are available online and in store.

With such a broad product offering, an intelligent system architecture makes all the difference. And with Brightpearl being implemented as USCutter’s new Retail Operating System, it was time to take stock, and review the set-up.


Vinyl on demand

From signs to decals to vehicle wraps, USCutter have it all. And to make sure they always have it all, we implemented a customised Bill Of Materials App for pre-cut vinyl. The app automatically monitors stock levels in USCutter’s warehouses and when any product reaches the threshold for replenishment, the app pushes the request through for new pieces of vinyl to be cut. No matter sales volumes and patterns, pre-cut vinyl stock will always be available.


Mass-market sales

To keep the sales flowing, the next piece of work integrated USCutter with the world’s largest omnichannel retailer. Using Walmart Marketplace, cutters, kits and vinyls were seamlessly placed in front of 100 million unique visitors each month. With no extra effort, just a link via a simple, single-source product information database, sales soared.


Cutting time

To make the logistics even smoother, USCutter are now bringing Peoplevox into their tech stack. The scalable warehouse management system allows the team to automate complex logistics whilst keeping customer satisfaction high. By integrating Peoplevox with Brightpearl, we are able to free USCutter from even more manual processes and win them back precious time.

By trimming manual tasks whilst the new sales roll in, we have been able to simultaneously accelerate business growth and improve the operational efficiency of the business, making them a cut above the rest.

“The Bill-of-Material app is one of our most important business tools. We push a huge volume of sales through our channels and to know that stock will be automatically replenished as required takes a huge weight off stock management. I trust in Anthony and the team at that the new developments we implement will be a success.”

Tom Lockhart, Director of IT

A winning combination

With our Bill-of-Material app in place for precision stock control and Peoplevox automating physical logistics, it was time to create something very special.

We combined these two tools to ensure auto-assemblies triggered by the Bill-of-Material app were sent to Peoplevox to ensure traceability of the production operation in the warehouse and ensure that inventory levels of both components and finished goods remain in sync across both systems.

An industry-leading set-up for USCutter.

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